First Holy Communion Banners

Where to Find Ideas, Examples, Kits & Templates

Creating a First Communion Banner for your child is a very exciting aspect of the First Communion process. The First Communion of your child should be a positive and enriching experience. With a little planning and ingenuity, your child's First Communion banner will become a cherished keepsake. Banners are typically displayed at the church and later the party venue. Banners are an important part of the first communion experience. Be sure to keep in mind the personality and likes of your child as well as any restrictions your parish may have. Here are a few things to think about when helping your child create their First Communion banner.

How to make First Holy Communion banners?

When choosing the materials for your banner, first consider the place it will be displayed. If you are going to display your banner outside, then waterproof surfaces like vinyl or plastic would be a wise material choice. If it will be displayed inside at the church or party venue, then you can use a variety of materials ranging from poster boards, colored papers, or fabric. Whichever fabric you choose, be sure that it will be sturdy enough for your embellishments to be glued on.

After selecting your banner material, next think about the theme and embellishments you will use to tell the story of your child's first communion. Popular themes include a reproduction of the Last Supper as your child will be participating for the first time in the Eucharist which is symbolic of Jesus' last supper. If you don't want to include a specific theme on your child's banner think about symbols that represent a word such as peace, love, or hope. You can use pinstripes and tiny doves to symbolize peace, hearts and the cross to represent love or even the chalice or birds to represent hope. No matter what symbols, themes or embellishments you choose, try to keep your child's first communion banner simple, elegant and a true representation of their future in the church.

Along with symbols, you can also include simple religious verses or phrases on your child's banner. Add your child's favorite Bible verse, or one you hope they will aspire to as well as First Holy Communion or God Bless on your banner. Be sure to include your child's name and the date of the ceremony on your banner. You can use ready-made alphabet letter stickers, felt letters or even markers and fabric paint. Embellish your banner in a tasteful way and adorn it will glitter, sequins, gems or beads.

Finding Unique First Communion Banner Ideas

When brainstorming the design of your child's first communion banner, first look to your parish to see if there are any restrictions or specifications you need to include. Then ask your child what design they would like to create. You can search on the Internet or think about banners you have seen in the past. Don't want to start from scratch? Find a multitude of banner templates on the internet.

When creating your banner, keep in mind:

The overall design of the template – make sure it is a template and design that your child likes, after all, it is their special day. Pay attention to the size of the banner template. Remember the regulations set forth by your parish as well as the space you are going to be displaying your banner in. You don't want to choose a banner that is too large for the space.

Your banner doesn't have to be boring. Get creative. Experiment with the materials, layout, and design.

Looking for an inexpensive or easier banner design? Head on over to your local arts & crafts store and make a butcher paper banner or make an accordion banner. Let your child draw or paint shapes, their name and ceremony date and your banner is complete. For an accordion banner, take several pieces of cardstock and decorate them appropriately. Punch holes in the tops or sides of the cardstock and string a pretty ribbon through for a unique banner.

The computer can be a great resource when researching, designing, and creating your child's banner. You can research design templates on the internet or use a drawing or paint program to create a digital version of your banner. You can even buy First Communion Banner kits that come with all of the necessary materials and embellishments to create the perfect banner.

Hopefully this helps you and your child get started on making the perfect banner for First Communion!

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