First Holy Communion Invitation Ideas

First Holy Communion invitations are an important part of your child's communion celebration. It is the first impression that your guests will receive. This being said, it's very important that you make your invitations reflect your personality, mood of the event and your own personal style. Here are some popular First Holy Communion invitation ideas from with some unique examples and styles for each.

New & Popular

At we update our designs every Communion season to stay ahead of trends in invitation designs. However, we still carry our most popular and best selling invitations.


Classic designs are a safe bet when choosing your First Holy Communion invitations. Classic colors include light blue for boys, light pink for girls and white, they are usually more toned down as far as graphic elements go. The Cross may be featured as well as other familiar images.


For the serious and classy First Communion service and reception, sophisticated invitations are needed. Sophisticated invitations use very traditional colors and minimal graphics or design elements. For an added touch of elegance choose a premium invitation with gold or vellum layers and added charms or jewels.


For modern invitations try to incorporate trendy colors and design elements. Keep the graphics clean and simple. Modern invitations can convey your sense of style.

Blend of Tradition and Modern

For some it may be important to incorporate classic ideas and traditions and blend them with a more modern outlook. A great example of this concept can be found in our Mod Religious Pink or Blue Stripe Invitation or the Modern Tea or Mauve Swirl Invitation.

Picking the perfect Communion invitations can take time and patience. Just remember to consider your church, the people attending and the mood of the celebration when choosing your invitations. As long as you try to put your own style and personality into your Communion invitations, you can never go wrong.

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