First Holy Communion Party and Reception Ideas

We know your child's First Communion is an important event and you'll want to celebrate with your family and friends after the Mass has ended so we've gathered some ideas for Communion parties & receptions.

Party planning doesn't have to be stressful or complicated; it should be fun and exciting. No matter the budget, with a little creativity and pre-planning, the celebration of your child's First Communion will go off without a hitch.

The size of your celebration will determine how much pre-planning will be necessary to successfully plan your celebration. If you are having an informal get together after the First Communion ceremony then you might only need a few weeks to prepare. On the other hand, if you are planning a formal soirée for a large group of your friends and family, planning could take as little as a few months up to a year.

The first things on your list should be to determine the budget, theme, and location of your celebration. Then you can start to think about the menu, party decorations, games, activities and other entertainment for your celebration.

Party Budget

One of the first things to consider when planning your child's First Communion celebration is your party budget. Because some families view First Communions as a special occasion that will only happen once they plan to have large budgets. When determining your budget, consider the number of guests that you will be inviting, as well as the cost of food, including the cake, party supplies, clothing, entertainment and games. Keep in mind that a large budget is not necessary to have a fun and memorable celebration.

Party Themes

You can pick from a multitude of party themes to celebrate your child's First Communion. Depending on the location you choose you may be able to decorate based on a fun theme celebrating your child's favorite pastime. The possibilities are endless and up to you.

Choose a Location

A First Communion is a great reason to come together and celebrate as a family and community of believers. Think about how many friends and family will be attending the celebration as well as what kind of budget you'll have. You can go the traditional route and have a formal sit down dinner at a nice restaurant or banquet hall or choose an informal family barbeque in the backyard. Here are a few options.

  • Check with your favorite restaurants, they may have a space they can reserve if you'd like to host a small lunch.
  • Reserve a pavillion at your favorite park or playground for a child friendly event.
  • Have your celebration the comfort of your home
  • Rent a room from a local club house or country club if you'll be having more guest than can be accommodated at these other options.

Choose a Menu

After you have selected your party theme and location, the next thing to consider is what kind of food you are going to serve your guests. Things to consider while choosing your food offerings are the location and theme of the party, the age of the children and adults in attendance and of course budget. Whether you are having a formal sit down dinner with your guests or an intimate gathering at a park, you will have to consider the age range of the guests. While adults might appreciate a fancy meal, small children are usually more comfortable with familiar finger foods.

  • Brunch is a very popular option for First Communion receptions
  • Serve a menu of your child's favorites
  • A light menu with appetizers, cake & refreshments
  • Italian food is a crowd pleaser & easy to prepare
  • Choose your child's favorite dessert weather it be cookies, cake or cupcakes and help them bake and decorate. Like the precious pink and brown cross cupakes featured on the previous page from
  • Check out our page on First Communion Cakes for more cake ideas.
  • If you'd prefer to purchase dessert, let your child help choose a communion cake topper that they can have as a keepsake.

First Communion Decorations

Preparing for this celebration should be fun! Have your child help you plan, shop and decorate for their celebration.

You don't have to spend a fortune on decorations for your First Communion celebration. Think outside the box and stay within your budget. The theme of your celebration will dictate what kind of party decorations you need to buy.

  • Shop for party supplies in your child's favorite color so the event is a reflection of them
  • Bring out your child's baptism candle to be lit during the meal
  • Check out our page on First Communion Banners for a unique do it yourself keepsake


You can find many options for First Communion centerpieces available at many mainstream retailers. Let the theme of your celebration determine your centerpieces. Be creative. Are you hosting a dinner at a restaurant? Use mirrored tiles and candles to set the mood of the party. Having a sports related celebration? Use trophies and sports confetti as your centerpieces. Is your daughter the ultimate princess? Use flower bouquets, sparkles, and glitter in your centerpiece. Colored candies are another great way to add a splash of color to the tables and add a sweet treat to your table decorations. Think outside the centerpiece box and use shaped sugar cookies with your child's name and favorite colors as your edible centerpiece. The most common cookies for centerpieces are the open Bible and chalice designs.

Balloons & Other Basic Supplies

Have a large space that you need to fill but don't want to spend a fortune? Decorate your space with balloons. Balloons can sometimes be expensive but don't let that deter you from using them at your celebration. Save money by buying a few printed Mylar balloons as the anchors of a balloon bouquet and then supplement your bouquet with solid colored balloons that match the colors and theme of your celebration. Use balloon bouquets to decorate your cake or presents table or as a decoration throughout your party space.

When shopping for your basic party supplies there are a few things to keep in mind. It can be easy to spend a fortune on intricately decorated plates, napkins, silverware and cups but all of your party supplies don't need to be printed on. Pick a few select party elements to personalize and save money on the rest. Napkins are a common party supply that you can take to the next level by personalizing them with your child's name, picture, or date of the celebration. If you are going to personalize your party napkins then consider buying plain colored plates, cups, and silverware that match your party theme.

Entertainment & Activities

No party is complete without a few fun games and activities. If you are inviting a lot of children to your celebration then you will want to consider some form of entertainment to keep everyone entertained. You don't need to spend a lot of money on entertainment, just think of what activities your child likes best. Organize a game of tag or a scavenger hunt, have a craft table or even watch a movie - any activity that will keep the interest of your guests. If you are hosting your celebration at a restaurant, consider an activity that children can quietly complete at a table such as a craft or play Eucharist bingo with your guests. Eucharist bingo teaches children about the last supper and the meal Jesus shared with his disciples. No matter the venue of your celebration, make your party memorable with a few well planned activities.

No matter what type of First Communion party you plan, it will be a special celebration that you and your child will remember for years to come.

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